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Place your order and we'll ship your impression kit.


Take your impression and ship it back to us in the return box provided in your kit. 


Our team of orthodontic specialists will create your customized orthodontic products and ship them directly to you. 

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Professional Expertise

Our orthodontic products are created by our experienced orthodontic team. Our orthodontist ensures the exceptional quality of all our products.

Exceptional Care Guarantee

All of our clients receive exceptional service and care by our team and our orthodontist. Our orthodontist guarantees that you will be satisfied with the exceptional quality of our products.

Convenience & Affordability

By providing orthodontic products directly to you, we are able to offer our products at affordable prices. We always offer free shipping!

Exceptional Quality

We use the highest quality materials for all our products. Our orthodontist has the highest standards for all our products and the care we provide to our clients. 

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